Report from Jaco Beyneveldt

1My resultate soos versoek vir Rustenburg Hengel klub by die Noord Wes Ligas.

Bloemhofdam 31Oktober tot 1 Nov 2015
1 ste dag – Posiesie 1ste uit 20 hengelaars met 9 vis 18kg. My aas was Why Not/Bloekom mielie pit bo en wit degie onder. Die dips was Wit Raptor en Krismis/Heuning. My afstande was 60m en 90m
2 de dag – Posisie 12de uit 20 hengelaars.
Vaaldam – Moolmans 30 April 2016 tot 1 Mei 2016
1 ste dag – Posisie 9de posisie
2 de dag – Posisie 2de met 19 vis, 21 kg. Die aas was Tjop Tjop mielipit bo met wurm en wit deeg onder. Die dips was Tjop Tjop en Bedazzled. My hengel afstand was 70m en 130m

Conoflex Competition Dips

By Jaco Byneveldt

compdips-jb1The Conoflex range of competition dips gives every angler the best variety of colours and flavours available for the South African freshwater conditions to choose from. With only the best quality ingredients being used, the Conoflex Competition dips are excellent value for money. With the signature approval of multiple Protea Angler, Loutjie Louwies, these products are for sure an excellent choice!!