Storm Gomoku Dense




The Storm Gomoku Dense Fire Tiger had me blown away with my first outing using the lure.I was amazed with the distance that the little 6gram lure can travel with a fast sinking fluttering action, I tried a slow twitching action with a pause in between which didn’t work out that well for me as I increased my speed of retrieve i would be guaranteed a bump or rewarded with a quality small species of fish. The lure for me should be fished with no quick release clips at all as I feel the clips tend to disturb the action of the lure, one should tie a straight forward Rapala knot with Double X 20lb fluorocarbon leader. The beauty of this little 4,8cm lure it can be fished with ultra light tackle in harbours and estuarys targetting all types of spieces from Russell Snapper, Perch, little Kingfish, Rock Salmon, Springer as it imitates a perfect little bait fish.




Written by Justin Alborough.

Shimano Spheros 6000


It’s taken me some time to find a sutiable universal fishing reel for me to use in many types of fishing application from spinning off the surf using it on the ski boat for tuna and dorado and suitable for slow pitch jigging and high speed vertical jigging.My next bit of excitement will be using the Spheros 6000sw for light tackle fishing in the surf with a 11ft Shimano Surf Exage which will be perfect for targetting kob, stumpies, rockcod  and many other species.I’v got all the conferdence when fishing with my Spheros with the strength and ability to land bigger stronger game fish with the new cross carbon drag system which can be tighened to 10kgs I feel it’s very important to have a smooth drag as one will part there leaders and pull hooks from a good fish because of a sticky and worn drag.As for looks the reel really sticks out with awesome Shimano quality finishes, it is a perfect all round fishing reel tough,smooth when retrieving your lures at higher speeds making your fishing more comfortable with the aluminium and rubber handle.I’v loaded my Spheros with 20lb Sufix advanced 832 braid which the reel takes 275meters with a 10meters of 40lb braided leader and 1.5meter of 50lb Double X floracarbon leader the braid is layered just perfect on the aluminium spool giving me all the conferdence when casting bigger spoons and lures with no wind knots and allowing me to load my rod alot more giving me that massive distance.The Shimano Spheros 6000Sw is for me a very affordable reel on the South African market as for the quality you getting it’s a big winner as long as you keep your daily maintenance up you will never be disappointed with Shimano reels.


Storm Arashi Flat 7


This has become one of my favourite cranks lately. It offers everything I look for in a crank. But the most important thing, it is exactly what the fish want. My favourite colour is Tilapia. It resembles our baitfish accurately and looks so life like in the water. I also like the way it casts and doesn’t spiral into the wind. So overall I’m super chuffed with this bait and I look forward to catching many more fish on it. These are just some of the key features this bait offers:


  • MULTI-BALL RATTLE SYSTEM tuned for mid-depth cranking delivers a variable pitch of both high and low frequency sounds
  • ROTATED HOOK HANGERS nests the hooks close to the body for improved action, preventing hang-ups and allowing larger hooks
  • SELF-TUNING LINE TIE is a free-moving design that keeps the lure tracking true, ensuring non-stop fishing action
  • CIRCUIT BOARD LIP starts right away at slow speeds and quickly reaches maximum diving depth. Extremely thin with superior strength and durability


My choice of tackle is a G.Loomis Cranking rod CBR 843C rod paired with a Curado 200I PG. I use 10lb Monofilament line or 10Lb Flourocarbon in most situations. The rod is a moderate action and allows forgiveness and this maximises hook-ups. This setup along with the Storm Arashi Flat 7 is really an all-round fish catching solution.

Written by Darryl Quinton.


Shimano Crucial Rods – Bass



The new Crucial series is one of the most versatile rod series ever created. It has both split grip and full grip handle designs. These rods feature Shimano’s C4S-HM blank which delivers unbelievable strength with extremely light weight. Each rod was tested to cover a wide variety of today’s best fishing techniques.



Crucial C 1Crucail C 2



  Crucial Cast 2Crucila Cast 1

As seen in the pictures these rods are not just great fishing rods to use but they are great to look at to! Just to run you through the rod: Shimano Crucial rods have always had a really good reputation for being tough rods from when they first came out about sixteen years or so ago. The new Crucial has been built not to disappoint this long standing reputation. The new Crucial is lighter and stronger than the previous model. On average it’s 28% lighter and yes you are hearing me correct it’s also 22% stronger on average! How is this possible? Well the new Crucial C4S-HM blank is made from carbon which is what the C stands for in C4S-HM and the 4 is for the four layer process. The S stands for slick carbon tape which is used on the inside and outside of the blank which is what plays a huge role in strengthening the rod but still being able to use minimal material to keep the rod lighter. The new Crucial has returned to cork handles as the earlier models had which more anglers preferred. It also has a custom reel seat to minimize the weight of the rod. To end off the overview the new Crucial has Fuji Alconite Guides which finish off the rod! All in all the new Crucial is a beast of a rod that’s not going to let you down!

Crucila A 1 Crucial A 2Crucila A 3

My Rod Selection

  1. 2x 6.8ft Medium Extra Fast- My light worming rod (8-10lb line)
  2. 1x 7.3ft Medium Extra Fast- My medium worming rod (10-12lb line)
  3. 1x 7.3ft Medium Heavy Fast- My medium-heavy worming rod (12-16lb line)
  4. 1x 7.11ft Medium Heavy Fast- My heavy worming/pitching rod (20-25lb line)
  5. 1x 7.2ft  Medium Heavy Extra Fast Spinning- My drop shot, wacky rod (10-20 braid leader with 6-12lb leader)
  6. 2x 6.10ft Medium Heavy Fast- My reaction bait (small cranks, jerk baits, underspin and small spinnerbaits) rod (10-12lb line)
  7. 1x 7.6ft Medium Heavy Medium Fast- My reaction bait (medium-deep cranks, 1/2oz lipless and bigger spinnerbaits) rod (10-14lb line)

*Fluorocarbon line used on all above rods

Personal Experience

I personally have a full set of these new Crucials and have fished for more than a season now with them. I have caught large mouth, spotted and small mouth with these rods and they just don’t disappoint! I have fished six consecutive days with these rods and because they are so light you really don’t get tired of using them! The feel of these rods are just great. Pulling fish from cover is made easy! Feeling reaction baits and detecting bites because of its sensitivity is also incredible. If you’re in the market for new rods I would highly recommend the new Shimano Crucial range. You will be pleasantly surprised!

Written By: Gareth Potgieter


Shimano Curado 70


Shimano Curado 70 XG

The Shimano Curado for 25 years now, continues to be the go-to bait casting reel for bass. It is now offered with a new compact Hagane body and a new model size perfect for light pitching, light flipping and throwing smaller baits, the Curado 70 also features an enhanced SVS Infinity braking system designed for finesse and light flipping techniques. X-Ship Technology provides even more smoothness and durability – just as anglers have expected from Curado reels for more than two decades.




  • 5+1 Bearings
  • 10lb Drag Power
  • 6.5oz Weight Range
  • 28-32 Inches Retrieve Range
  • X Ship Technology                                      Curado70XG-1-2
  • Paddle Handle (Like the Aldebaran)
  • Hagane Body




The new Curado 70 XG also has a new braking system. Which means…

  • Easier To Use
  • Smoother
  • Quite
  • Less Maintenance


The Curado 70 XG is one of my favorite reels in my reel collection. The reason being is that it’s just so light and has a really great feel to it. I use it as my light rig. I use 8lb line on it and use weightless and very light weights using this reel. The smoothness of this reel is incredible. This is a high end reel priced really affordable!

Written By Gareth Potgieter