Rapala MaxRap 17cm


The Rapala MaxRap 17cm is by far my favourite multi species lure of choice. It is a long thin type lure with three sets of trebles. You can cast this lure about 60 to 70 metres. It has a very realistic swimming action. I normally like to retrieve this lure with a sweep of the rod but keeping a constant retrieve of the reel.

Max Rap AD

The MaxRap is weighted with two metal balls which give the lure a bit more weight, a good swimming action and a rattle that will bring the fish in to investigate. These weight aqlso move to the front of the lure when casting and assist in getting the lure to fly aerodynamically thereby assisting with the dist you can throw it.

On this lure I have caught some memorable fish that I will never forget.  They include a shad of 6,2kg, a Black tip Kingie of about 6 kg and a beautiful Giant Trevally of approx 4kg. I would recommend this lure to not only shore anglers but also for those fishing deep sea.


VMC Boat Hooks


In my fishing career off the Ski boat has been very interesting as much I’ve been disappointed in quality of fishing hooks that are on the market today as all fishermen we all have a favourite hook types and brands which can be quite a heated subject between top anglers.J1

I spend a lot of time fishing off the ski boat for quality game fish species with live bait’s, thread baits and dead baits presented my different traces, my personal best hook has got to be the VMC Inox Stainless Steel 8117s live bait hook in the 4/0 and 5/0 two perfect size hooks for live bait fishing which the 4/0 I use in front of my trace and the 5/0 as my main hook as demonstrated in the photo with no5 wire in between the hooks and 700mm of the same no5 wire attached to the front hook which I finish it off with a no8 power swivel, perfect simple straight forward trace universal for Couta, dorado, tuna and wahoo this trace all depends on the size of live bait been used as I have many different sizes. The VMC 8117S is my number one live bait hook for many reasons, they never rust, always have a needle sharp tip which the tip does not snap off, good off set to the hook and most of all reliable and strong, the beauty of the VMC 8117S if you maintain washing off your traces properly and they are in good condition there should be no reason for changing and wasting traces.


written by Justin Alborough.