Shimano Ultegra Ci 14000 Reel


I was very fortunate to get my hands on the new Shimano Ultegra CI 14000 XT-B reels.   These big pits are considerably more expensive then the XTC and XTD models but are worth every cent once you have had the privilege of fishing with them. They are the truly in a league of their own.

Pieter 1

I do not want to bore you with the technical specs that you can get that from the web and would like to simplify it so we can all relate to it.

Let us start by the weight of the reel which has been reduced by 100g.  This has made the reel extremely well balanced and suitable for almost any make of rod on the carp market currently.  They have by no means sacrificed any strength as the CI4+ is 2,5 times stiffer  than the original CI4 material.

As I am not one for ratios but it is simple to relate to the line retrieved.  For every complete turn of the handle the line retrieved is 103cm (1.03m).  So it is very simple to work out how far every cast is when retrieving the rig to re-bait if you are clipping up or when you fill the spools with line.  Talking about spooling the line, for all the tackle tarts out there they also come with 3 line reduces spools ( sizes 3500, 6000 and 10000).  These reduces eliminates the use of backing line as a filler and seats perfectly around the spool without any slipping.  So you have the option to only fish with +/- 200, 300, 400 or 550m (without reducer) of 0.35mm mono depending on the size of water and what range you fishing.  I use the 0.30 14lb Double  X Extreme abrasion and it fits 600m on comfortably without any spaces and has plenty of space left for a leader.  These spaces are best suited to those using braid and do not like filling up the entire spool with braid when only 250-400m is more than sufficient.

These reels each have an impressive 2 Spare Cold forged Aluminium spools that are all identical and are designed with a patented angled lip which enables the line to leave the spool with a lot less friction that will increase the distance of the cast.  The spools are also tapered to aid with the casting for increased distance and less drag.

When it comes to the line lay it has to be the best I have ever seen in any reel that I have ever used.  Line lay is imperative when it comes to casting as a lot of energy is lost due to this during a cast.  Shimano has achieved this by the super slow Oscillation of the spool compared to the speed that the handle turns per cycle.  They achieved this with an Aero Wrap II worm gear which is considered to be one of the best line lay systems in the world.

Pieter Niemand

One of the most impressive features of the reel is that the front drag that has a bait runner feature incorporated into it.  It allows the drag setting to be switched from a pre-set free spool to a pre-set drag by a simple ¼ turn of the front drag.  It is this function that convinced me to change as I have been fishing with a bait runner since day one and have always shied away from the Ultegra range due to the continuous cranking and loosening before and after every cast to get the tensions right.

Lastly, we have all opened a reel before to try service it and been surprised by the spare parts after ‘fixing it’ and it never being the same again or the complexity of the internal components.   The XT-B has an easy maintenance port that enables direct lubrication to the inner workings of the reel that is really user friendly without any spares lying around.

Please go and have a look at the impressive list of features I have not mentioned in this article on the web as I tried to simplify the very basics for easy reading and have not mentioned MANY other important characteristics that sets this reel apart from the others.

Please note that the above mention views and opinions are based on my own personal experience of using the reels.

Good luck and tight lines to all fishing.

Remember to practice catch and a safe release.

Peter Niemand.

VMC 7136


When it comes to angling one of the most important part of your set up is your hook and one cannot compromise on this part of your equipment. When you compromise on this very important component of your trace you stand a very good chance to loose fish and this could lead to a lot of frustration as well as sub-par performances. It is of the utmost importance to ensure that you select the correct hook, this will make the difference between a very enjoyable outing and a very frustrating outing. That’s why I use the VMC – 7136 hook – Not only is this a Hi-Carbon Steel, but it’s also made of the fine wire to improve your angling experience and performances.


This needle sharpened hook is perfect for your Conventional Angling. The reversed (Offset) front-end almost guarantees a perfect hook-set every time. I would most definitely recommend this to any Conventional Angler out there.

Written By Robert Hurn.

Rapala Sunblock








SPF 50 Spray


Portability – Cap Small Odourless.

Ease of use. Spray

Why should you use it.

There are many must haves in a fishermen’s list, but unless you are immune to skin cancer or don’t mind looking a 100 when you are only 35 years young, sunblock is a definite must have! Today I will go through some of the considerations when selecting a good sunblock and explain why I think the Rapala SPF 50+ spray is a must have.

Firstly to me it’s about how you go about applying the sunblock. I have seen a few anglers with “white” faces arriving at comps already protected for the day. This is probably because they want to wash their hands before leaving home to make sure the fish don’t “detect” the scent. Whether or not sunblock on hands effect the fish may be up for discussion. Despite the final say on this, a spray application might be the better option either way.  The dispensing medium of this product needs no hand / finger contact other than pressing the button to release a spray of protection on intended area of skin.

As many of us may not be aware, sunblock needs to be applied more than once a day. The frequency may depend on the SPF level but even SPF 50 needs to be applied at least 2 to 3 times a day.  Again the spray is handy to apply where needed without needing to use hands.

In most cases the container is also a key factor. As the Rapala sunblock comes in a can it cannot lose its contents if placed at the bottom of a heavy bag while travelling. The cap it comes with is small and fits tightly. This prevents the cap from dislodging and accidentally dispensing the contents while travelling.

The last key consideration is the effect a sunblock has when seeping into one’s eyes at the end of the day. This dreaded “end of the day eye burn” is caused when perspiration and sunblock seeps into one’s eyes and causes significant discomfort.  I found that this product is far less likely to cause this as it is non greasy and is also water resistant. I have sprayed it on my face area and had far less eye burn at the end of the day.

In summary, this is an awesome product at a very reasonable price.

Written by Gert Duvenage.

Report from Jaco Beyneveldt

1My resultate soos versoek vir Rustenburg Hengel klub by die Noord Wes Ligas.

Bloemhofdam 31Oktober tot 1 Nov 2015
1 ste dag – Posiesie 1ste uit 20 hengelaars met 9 vis 18kg. My aas was Why Not/Bloekom mielie pit bo en wit degie onder. Die dips was Wit Raptor en Krismis/Heuning. My afstande was 60m en 90m
2 de dag – Posisie 12de uit 20 hengelaars.
Vaaldam – Moolmans 30 April 2016 tot 1 Mei 2016
1 ste dag – Posisie 9de posisie
2 de dag – Posisie 2de met 19 vis, 21 kg. Die aas was Tjop Tjop mielipit bo met wurm en wit deeg onder. Die dips was Tjop Tjop en Bedazzled. My hengel afstand was 70m en 130m

Conoflex Competition Dips

By Jaco Byneveldt

compdips-jb1The Conoflex range of competition dips gives every angler the best variety of colours and flavours available for the South African freshwater conditions to choose from. With only the best quality ingredients being used, the Conoflex Competition dips are excellent value for money. With the signature approval of multiple Protea Angler, Loutjie Louwies, these products are for sure an excellent choice!!