Shimano TLD25 – The best lever drag reel ever made


There are many reel manufacturers and so any models of reels to choose from made from different materials and using different technologies.

The Shimano TLD 25 is a basic and simple reel with a graphite body and an aluminium spool.

There may be stronger and higher technology reels on the market but there is no reel on the market that can give you so much for the small amount of money that a TLD 25 costs.

The TLD is bullet proof, reliable, lasts forever and maintenance is low, whilst spare parts are available they hardly ever break and just keep going and going year after year, fish after fish even when they are abused and not cared for.

So the reason I say it is the best lever drag ever made is because you get so much reel for your money, simple, reliable, longevity and low maintenance for a very long time along with good performance fish after fish. No other reel on the market can give you so much bang for your buck.

Shimano TLD 25 is best spooled with 600m of Sufix 15kg Big Game mono filament line. Mine are paired with the Shimano 7ft Beast master boat rods.

The TLD Single Speed series has 3 models, all equal in what is said above, the 25, 20 and 15.

Shimano_TLD_2_FB_2017 2Written by Mike Laubscher

Shimano Tiagra


To all fishing enthusiasts over the world I personally think that no other reel comes close to the great reputation as the Shimano Tiagra game fishing series reels.It earned in my eyes the recognition as the ultimate benchmark for gamefishing reels.

The Shimano Tiagra 80 W is one of the top model gamefishing reels that has gathered a very sizable following among game fishing anglers.

One of the many advantages of the Tiagra is its exceptional resistance and durability against the constant punishment of saltwater and is one of the main reasons that makes it very popular.Its thick gold anodising protects the reel from corrosion and damage.
The Tiagra 80 have a solid machined aluminium frame and sideplates for greater strenght with a thickness of 7mm with a weight of 3266g which makes this reel the toughest available on the market today.

My main reason for choosing to fish the Tiagra 80 in stead of a Tiagra 50 for tuna was because of its bigger line capacity and higher retrieve ratio.My line have been stripped down to the drum a couple of times already by big yellow fin tuna on a Tiagra 50 here in our Cape waters.The Tiagra 80’s cold forged aluminium spool can hold 868m of 36kg (80lb) mono,the reel has a dual gearing feature with a high gear retrieve ratio of 2,5:1 wich gives a 94cm retrieve per crank while the low gear have a ratio of 1,3:1 and that would give you a 48cm retrieve per crank which works excellent for turning big fish.

Of course when fighting big fish the drag of the reel play maybe the most important part,the Tiagra 80 features a click stop drag quadrant and a ratcheting lever drag for more accurate drag adjustment.The reel has a twin-disk drag system and gives a max drag of 24kg, with the click stop drag quadrant precise fine tuning of the drag is possible and is a big bonus for fisherman who want to fish lighter line.

In our Cape waters most fisherman use standup harnesses when fishing,so the addition of harness lugs to the reel makes it perfect for our purpose,though on the other hand it is just as home in a fighting chair or in a swivel gunnel rod holder application.

The Tiagra 80 is fitted with 4 of shimanos famous A-RB (anti rust bearings) and a full stainless steel set of gears and the twin pawl anti reverse system fitted in the reel is a must for series game fishing.
The reel have an awesome and very comfortable ergonomic rubberised power handle which gives you great control.

Game fishing rods wich are rated at 24-37 kg matches great with the Tiagra 80,but if needs be it could be fished on heavier rods as well.
It is suited to target ANY big game fish from Tuna, Marlin, Sailfish, Wahoo all the way down to sharks.

The Shimano Tiagra 80 is for sure the best on the market when it comes to game fishing reels and is definitely great value for money. Ive been fishing with Shimano Tiagra reels for 10 years now and NEVER had any problems with it or heard of any complaints from other fisherman.

Thank you Shimano for a awesome product.


Written by Johan Potgieter