My Transkei Trip 2018

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On my recent trip was to the Transkei there were two setups that I took with me. My first setup was my trusty Technium Surf Elite (medium) and my Saragosa 20000, loaded with 40lb Sufix 832 braid. My second setup was my Technium Surf Elite (medium) with my Trusty Torium 30, spooled with 600 meters Sufix 832, 40 lb as backing, with 0.55 Sufix mono, top shot.

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On my throw bait setup I was targeting Hammerhead and Grey Sharks. I was throwing Mackerel baits. With this Saragosa and Technium setup, I managed to get great distance with my cast.  It didn’t take long for me to get my first bite and shortly after I hooked a beautiful HammerHead Shark. I managed to get the fish to the rocks in about 10 minutes. With Sufix 832 I managed to put a lot of pressure on the fish and I knew that the braid could handle some foul rocks. Once landed the fish was quickly measured and sent back unharmed. I caught two hammers this morning with the biggest being 122cm (25.4kg).

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I also got a lot of pleasure, helping young Nathan, to fight a Hammer that I had hooked. His enthusiasm and excitement is what fishing is all about.

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On my sliding setup, (Tourium 30 on Technium) I was sliding a whole Bonnito. I managed to hook into a good size Blackfin Shark. After fighting it for about 20 minutes, and with numerous jumps, it managed to cut me off on the rocks.

With the correct tackle, such as the Torium 30 and Saragosa 20000, paired with my two Techniums I was very confident in handling any fish the Wild Coast could throw at me.

Written by Craig Bashford

Gearing up for Summer – Rock & Surf

This summer holidays I am lucky enough to be spending my time fishing on the KZN North Coast. When spinning, this area is known to produce a lot of edibles such as Black Tip Kingies, Green Spot Kingies, Pick handle Barracuda, Shad, Yellowtail and many other fish. It is also well known for rock and surf fishing with bigger non-edible species such as the Giant Guitar fish, Diamond Rays, Honeycombs, Browns and more being targeted.


When getting ready for the Summer fishing season there are some important checks you can carry out.

  • I always check the guides on my rods. Cracked or chipped guides can damage your braid resulting in a good fish being lost.
  • I always check my rods for weaknesses. I do this by asking my Dad to hold the top eye low to the ground while I pull the rod upwards, exerting maximum pressure on the Rod without breaking it.
  • It is always good to send your reels in for a service before the season starts.
  • I check my braid to make sure there are no weak points. I do this by tying the end of my braid onto a solid structure. I then walk out about 200 metres putting pressure on the braid.
  • It is also very important to check your knots.

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Rod: the rod I use for spinning is the Aerocast 11’’

Reel: the reel I use for spinning is the Twin Power 5000.

The reel is loaded with Suffix 832 20LB braid.

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Rock &Surf

Rods: The rod that I use for catching non-edible fish is the Technium Surf Elite Medium.

Reel: The reels that I on this rod is my Saragosa 20000 and 10000.

The braid I use on my Saragosa 10000 is Suffix 832 30lb, and the braid I use on my 20000 is Suffix 832 40lb.

I also use the Beach Master Surf Pro when targeting smaller non edibles or edibles.

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This tackle which I have geared up for summer will never let me down….

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Written by Craig Bashford.

Shimano Technium Surf Rod



The Technium rod is one of my all time favourites, it is so versatile. The Technium medium can be used for scratching for fish such as cob and flat fish, then the Technium extra heavy which is used for our big toothy friends! I have had my Technium for about two years now and I’ll never look back! I have a Technium medium and it is the ultimate scratching rod, but it also has enough pulling power to land some decent sized fish. My personal best on my Technium was when I matched it up with my Shimano Trinidad 30A and I managed to land a ragged tooth of 112kg in a short time of 25 minutes that just proves that this rod has serious pulling power!

20150616_11042120150616_110436Another example of this rods power is my second biggest catch with the Technium medium. The story takes place at one of my favourite spots, Black Rock. This spot is near a popular holiday and fishing destination on the wild coast, Double Mouth. This rock sits high on top of a hill and it involves walking up to the edge of a 15 meter high vertical drop in order to cast your line in. When it’s time to land big edibles, you have to get dangerously close to the edge in order to lower a grapnel system down with a rope in order to retrieve your catch. When you hook into a large shark it becomes slightly more complicated, but nothing is too tough for me when I’m armed with my Shimano Technium and my Shimano Trinidad 30A! When you hook a large shark on black rock, you have to let the shark swim out to sea while you run to the top of the hill and hope that the shark swims to the left towards boulder bay, if it does well that’s where this magic rod comes in, it allowed me to pull that Raggie where I wanted it to go, I ran to the top of the hill and started walking to the left, pulling the Raggie with me (bear in mind that I have close to 450 meters of line of my reel at this time). To make things worse there is a massive rock to the left of black rock and it’s quite a tall and large rock and the only way to get your line over this rock is from the heist point on top the hill, after much tugging back and forth I had the Raggie where I wanted it, heading towards boulder bay. Once I had the shark in boulder bay I had to summon the speed of Usain Bolt and sprint down the hill so that I could keep the upper hand over this bad boy! Once in boulder bay the challenge is really on, you have to navigate the shark through hundreds of boulders where anyone of them could cut you off at any moment. After fighting a shark for an hour and you have it within touching distance, then to it gets cut off is honestly heart breaking. After having the line get caught around the same sharp ledge three times I managed to finally haul the shark out into the open and that’s when I had him! My dad got a grip on his tail and we were able to pull him onto a bed of flat rocks. In my honest opinion, if I wasn’t using my trusted all Shimano set up that day, I don’t believe that I would have landed that Raggie; it weighed roughly 100kg’s.


Written by Kyle Schmidt.