Gomoku Slow Rocker



I have had a lot of fun fishing with the new Gomoku Slow Rocker. I have used it off the boat as a jig, and also thrown it off the beach and retrieve it like a spoon.

The slow rocker is available in sizes ranging from the small 40g jig, through to the 70g, 90g and 120g.


The Gomoku also comes in 8 different dual faced, glow and metallic finishes. This giving you a wide rage to choose from, depending on the time of the day you are fishing and water colour.

I have caught some lovely fish while jigging off the boat. They include Shad, Bonnies, Sada Sada and many more.

This jig has a very erratic action as you retrieve it off the bottom with a very fast jigging motion. You can also do big long and slow sweeps to give the jig a different action. You can retrieve this jig fast or slow without it loosing its rolling action.

The 40g jig is also ideal for throwing off the rocks or beach. I have caught Pick handle Barracuda, and shad off the bricks with this jig.

I would recommend this lure to anyone who is looking for some fun and lots of rod bending and Shimano music.


Written by Craig Bashford

Storm Koika Jigs


Although us as anglers always head out to sea looking for game fish on the surface lure they are not always around and once you have spent all the money on fuel hunting fish like yellowtail in our waters they might not always around or feeding on that day.On days like this its always handy to drop some jigs and have some fun with the lighter tackle.


On this particular day the water temp had dropped and the colour was not favourable so we decided to head to some marks that were in the depth range of 15m to 30m and the little Storm Gomoku Koika jigs came into their own. Its a slow pitch jig which means one does not have work the jig as fast as other jigs which make light work of what can be very exhausting fishing.


They are available in a range of colours and sizes and on this particular day the 60 gram to 80 gram were perfect for the job.

Just sent the jig down and jig it up and down a fewmeters and then return it to the bottom again. Once the jigs angle from the boat becomes too extreme retrieve it all the way up and drop it down and start the process over again. If one finds you battle to get down vertically then try a heavier jig as the current might be too strong or the drift might not be correct either depending on the wind and current direction.


Written by Chris Schoultz.