My Transkei Trip 2018

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On my recent trip was to the Transkei there were two setups that I took with me. My first setup was my trusty Technium Surf Elite (medium) and my Saragosa 20000, loaded with 40lb Sufix 832 braid. My second setup was my Technium Surf Elite (medium) with my Trusty Torium 30, spooled with 600 meters Sufix 832, 40 lb as backing, with 0.55 Sufix mono, top shot.

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On my throw bait setup I was targeting Hammerhead and Grey Sharks. I was throwing Mackerel baits. With this Saragosa and Technium setup, I managed to get great distance with my cast.  It didn’t take long for me to get my first bite and shortly after I hooked a beautiful HammerHead Shark. I managed to get the fish to the rocks in about 10 minutes. With Sufix 832 I managed to put a lot of pressure on the fish and I knew that the braid could handle some foul rocks. Once landed the fish was quickly measured and sent back unharmed. I caught two hammers this morning with the biggest being 122cm (25.4kg).

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I also got a lot of pleasure, helping young Nathan, to fight a Hammer that I had hooked. His enthusiasm and excitement is what fishing is all about.

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On my sliding setup, (Tourium 30 on Technium) I was sliding a whole Bonnito. I managed to hook into a good size Blackfin Shark. After fighting it for about 20 minutes, and with numerous jumps, it managed to cut me off on the rocks.

With the correct tackle, such as the Torium 30 and Saragosa 20000, paired with my two Techniums I was very confident in handling any fish the Wild Coast could throw at me.

Written by Craig Bashford

Sufix 832 Superline


Sufix 832 Superline is the strongest, most durable small diameter braid on the market. It was rated as the “Winner of Best Fishing Line at the 2010 ICAST Show”. Those that know will tell you this is no easy feat at this prestigious annual event. What is just as remarkable is that this product has continuously grown in popularity for the past six years.

Constructed from 8 fibers (7 Dyneema plus 1 GORE Performance Fiber) at 32 weaves per inch, Suffix 832’s R8 Precision Braiding and advanced fiber technology deliver superior strength, roundness and line consistency. The Gore Performance Fibers (from the makers of GORE-TEX) improve abrasion resistance, increase casting distance and accuracy, and also reduces line vibration, while the Dyneema fibers provide increased strength and sensitivity, as well as, superior hydrophobic protection and a smaller diameter.  It is also offered in Lo-Vis Green, which blends in nicely with bass habitat.


This product has seen some extensive field testing from me in the punching heavy Texas rigs and frogging front. The following features really stood out for me giving it the edge on other brands of braided superlines:

  • It takes a knot very well and is not weakened by this
  • Its lifespan is incredible and it retains its roundness and colour well
  • No continuous retying is required, as the abrasion resistance is exceptional (For those who have tried, it is no fun trying to tie a snell knot on your punching outfit when the wind is blowing!)

My latest application for this product is to fish surface walking baits (like the Storm Arashi Top Walker) with it. I tie it directly onto the bait with a loop knot.

I will never go back to using monofilament for this application for the following reasons :

  • Added casting distance with braid.
  • Superior hooking capabilities at the end of a long cast due to virtually no stretch.
  • Strength – I can now fish a line that has 6lb diameter, but 20lb strength.

Written By Martin De Kock